Hot Kona Nights!

Get ready for an exciting new series of steamy romances from Brenda Kerr, author of the Legio Security Series!

Impact Zone

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Steamy Romance set on the beaches of Hawaii!!

A woman fleeing her past.

A man searching for peace.

And an island where the gods sometimes grant second chances.

Mary Coyle’s life in Dublin is falling apart. Raised on the war-torn streets of West Belfast, Mary survived the constant threat of terrorist attacks and bombings, including one that claimed the life of her father. Now, she struggles through her days teaching while her nights are haunted by nightmares and insomnia. Offered the chance at a fresh start, Mary agrees to fly halfway around the world to help a mysterious woman write her memoirs.

Matt Cruz has everything he ever wanted in life. Owning a shop on one of the most popular beaches in Hawaii allows him to live his days by the rhythm of the wind and waves, far removed from the dry deserts and frozen mountains where he fought for his country. When fate brings Mary into his life, he convinces himself it’s no big deal helping a stranded traveler.

But at the place where the ocean ends and the mountains begin, the tropical breezes whisper about the power of love and forgiveness and sometimes magic can happen. Can two wounded souls open themselves up to the possibility of forgiveness and love?

Impact Zone is a steamy romance I connected with on so many levels. Mary is a tortured heroine, one who suffers in silence. She tries to manage it herself, but her behaviors are textbook self-destructive. She reaches her breaking point and doesn’t know what to do. Her emotional turmoil bleeds across the pages and truly propels the plot. Matt is also a battered soul but has a better handle on it. Together, they help each other work through their issues while falling in love. The realism the author portrays in Impact Zone is stark yet heartfelt. My heart broke for both Mary and Matt. It was an emotional read but so satisfying. Brenda Kerr has a true talent for writing truthful romance in modern times. No rose-tinted glasses or fluffy conflicts. I found myself reading late into the night. If you’re a romance reader who lives for intoxicating stories, you’ll want to read Impact Zone. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

-N.N. Light’s Book Heaven

The Legio Security Novels

Wild Irish Seas

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From the author of Wild Irish Hearts and Wild Irish Flames comes the next exciting novel in the Legio Security series!

Thirty years ago, Dr. Mika’ele Kalainawai’s mother fled Ireland to escape the wrath of a monster.

Now, Mika must return to the land of her mother’s birth to pursue her own opportunities. After a lifetime cut off from her Irish heritage, Mika must tread carefully in a land where the barrier between the present and the past is thinner than she knows.

Tragedy forced Daren Dempsey to give up his career and settle down to raise his daughters. A chance encounter with a stranded dolphin and the beautiful and intriguing American scientist who helps with the rescue awakens desires he had long thought were dead.

Now Mika and Daren must forge a new path together. But in Ireland, the secrets of the past refuse to stay buried. Can the pair survive long enough to build a future together?

Wild Irish Flames

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A gritty detective used to keeping secrets.

A brilliant analyst driven to find answers.

A terrorist plot with roots thirty years in the past.

When Detective Cillian Healy, a star among the Drugs and Organized Crime Unit of the Irish Garda, blows his cover to save a man’s life, he discovers the drug smugglers he was chasing have branched out into the business of explosives. To follow the necessary leads and bring down the operation, Cillian finds himself forced into a partnership with a woman he already knows too well for his liking.

Detective Moira Coyle, the best analyst in the Counter-Terrorism Unit of the Garda, can piece together information and unearth answers like no other. Still, she needs more expertise for her next assignment. If she is going to track the explosives, she will have to work with Cillian Healy, whether she wants to or not.

Cillian and Moira agree to set their differences aside for the sake of the case. They settle into their new partnership only to have sparks of a different nature ignite between them. The investigation is heating up when a bomb blast in Belfast is linked to the explosives they are tracking. As the leads develop, so does the passion between Moira and Cillian. Clues from thirty years prior lead the pair on a heart-pounding chase through Ireland and beyond. As the clock counts down, they must fight to keep Ireland’s innocents and each other alive. Long-buried secrets once more see the light, and opportunities for revenge may not be lost after all. Can Cillian and Moira find the answers before time runs out?

Wild Irish Hearts

A former police officer.

A former Legionnaire.

A thrilling romance.

After her fiancé betrays her, Siobhan Healy is forced to resign from the Garda in order to avoid a scandal. She soon finds another job as a celebrity bodyguard for an elite private security firm, and she loves it – until an attack in Singapore leaves her injured.

And after she recovers, everything changes. Siobhan starts working more closely with the company owner, the enigmatic and incredibly handsome Patrick Coyle, and the sparks begin to fly…

Considered one of the most eligible bachelors in Dublin, Patrick Coyle has spent six years in the French Foreign Legion fighting in some of the most dangerous combat zones in the world. Twenty years after that, the company he founded when he returned to Dublin is one of the most prestigious elite private security firms. And when a fellow Legionnaire calls and asks him to protect his family against a vicious mobster, of course, he accepts – only to find himself fighting for his life with Siobhan by his side.

This is not the usual security work. There are no rules here.

This is war, all over again.

One that Patrick and Siobhan have no intention of losing.

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Wild Irish Hearts, now available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

Reviews for Wild Irish Hearts

“The best stories have interesting characters, some adventure, a unique setting and above all some romance! Wild Irish Hearts has all the above elements presented with colorful, clear and lyrical prose….Loved it and declare it a good read.”

Montie S. Amazon 5 Star Review

I fell in love with the characters and can’t wait for the next book in the series! I need to know what happens. Love a happy ending ♥️

Emily, 5 Star Amazon Review